Volunteer Information

Why volunteer?

When parents collaborate with teachers and administrators, who wins? OUR KIDS! Belle Heth's PSA is all about collaborative efforts between our parents and our school to give our kids the very best environment for learning. Parents and teachers working together boost our children's sense of belonging.

If you are interested in volunteering, simply reach out to board@bellehethpsa.org.

RCPS is now requiring a BIB for all volunteers that will be in the building and/or working with students. This will help ensure the safety of all of our students. Therefore, if you plan to volunteer within the school building, particularly duty free lunch, you will need to complete the application required by RCPS prior to volunteering. 

To complete the BIB, you can go to: https://bib.com/SecureVolunteer/RADFORD-CITY-SCHOOLS/  

The background check will be valid from application date through 2025. If this is cost prohibitive for you, please reach out to board@bellehethpsa.org . We want to ensure all those wanting to volunteer are able to do so.